“My cooking experiments generally end in tragedy for all involved parties.”


Why the Cookbook?

There are a lot of food blogs out there by people with a far greater talent for cooking and food photography than I’ll ever have.  I’m probably the last person from whom you should take cooking advice, actually.  This blog exists because I decided to convert paper records of recipes I regularly use into a digital format.  If this process benefits someone else, then great.  Being able to prepare your own food is a necessary skill if you care at all about living economically and healthily.

The Recipes


Many of the recipes here are “experiments,” meaning that, sometimes, they’re terrible failures.  Others started out as experiments, but have been tweaked and developed over the years.  All are vegetarian or vegan.  Breads and baked goods are my particular interest, but there are savory dishes as well.

I usually make a best-effort attempt to calculate the calories in each recipe.  These are rough estimates, so don’t be surprised if I make mistakes.  I do this solely for my own interest.  If you are particularly worried about the nutrition facts in a given recipe, you should calculate them yourself.

The Guns


Both my brother and I have an interest in militaria. The featured guns are mostly American or German antiques from the WWI to WWII era, although sometimes I’ll throw in something else from the collection.

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