Light Meals: Fungus Sandwich

450 calories

The blue cheese makes it extra fungusy.

About a month ago, I tried a mushroom.  I’d tasted mushrooms in the past and always disliked them, but it turns out it’s just the canned variety that sucks.  Fresh mushrooms are actually all right, despite the fact they remind me of rot and decay.  More importantly, they’re low in calories, yet add bulk.  Thus, I’ve started incorporating them into salads, stir fry, and so forth.

Today, The ProFit and I tried making a portobello mushroom sandwich.  It turned out pretty good, so I’ll jot down the recipe for future reference.  If I don’t do this, I tend to forget that some particular dish is an option and revert back to my neurotic “mono” diets where I just eat the same thing every day for months on end.


Total Calories: ~450


One ciabatta roll (140 calories), one or two portobello mushroom caps (66 calories), 100 grams of onion (40 calories), half a bell pepper (10 calories), one ounce blue cheese (100 calories), half a tablespoon of canola oil (60 calories), a splash of teriyaki sauce (30 calories), and black pepper for seasoning.


1. Slice the bread and spread the blue cheese on the slices. (Daiya provolone would probably work well, too.)

2. Fry the mushroom caps in a skillet with the oil and teriyaki sauce.  It might also help to cut the mushrooms into strips instead of leaving it whole since the rubbery texture makes it hard to bite into.

3. Slice the onion and green pepper into strips and fry those, too. Don’t add more oil, just Teriyaki sauce.

4. Allow most of the sauce to drain off the vegetables before putting them on the bread. Sprinkle on some black pepper flakes or other seasonings.

5. Spend half an hour scrubbing the oil splatter off the stove to burn off the calories from your sandwich.

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