Light Meals: Uyghur-Style Four Peppers

The Angelist Cookbook, once again presenting only the finest recipes.


As you may or may not know, my brother (The ProFit), bases most of our staple recipes on things he’s tried in restaurants.  Being the jefe at his workplace, he sometimes has to go out to eat with his co-workers.  This means he ends up trying a variety of semi-exotic fare that I, working from home, don’t.

Sometimes, our system works well.  He brings an idea back home with the intention of finding a way to make it on the cheap.  Other times, however, we get something like the following:

The knife is something The ProFit bought in Afghanistan.  There are Uyghurs working in Afghanistan.  That’s a good enough justification to feature it here.

How did this happen?  The ProFit ordered a dish called “Four Peppers” at some Uyghur-style restaurant.  No, it wasn’t a stir-fry featuring four different types of peppers.  It was literally four peppers on a plate.  And it cost $9.

He made this “dish” at home, too.  I think he felt that, by doing so, it would somehow offset the fact he had to pay nine bucks for a few cents worth of peppers.  I should tell you that he modified the recipe somewhat–the nine-dollar peppers he received still had the stems on them.

Eating out: it’s highway robbery, I tell ya.  Where we live, you can easily pay twenty Uncle Sam Funbucks™ for a veggie burger.  All the more reason to never leave the apartment.

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