20160509_105651Dr. Professor Garcia, “Rev,” is an ordained minister (American Marriage Ministries, Universal Life Church, Universal Angelist Church [subsidiary of Macroexpand, Inc.]), bespectacled scholar, historian, dashing archaeologist, poet, published author, artisan, polyglot, ballet dancer, ham radio enthusiast, skincare expert, cat groomer, opera aficionado, renowned hunter, safe boater, world traveler, and software engineer.  Almost none of that is true.

Reverend Garcia can also cook (sort of), which is what this blog is actually about.

Objectives of The Angelist Cookbook

    1. Vegan or vegetarian food only.
    2. Eat economically.
    3. Spend as little time cooking as possible.
    4. Prefer non-organic ingredients to organic.
    5. Minimalism.


Try these recipes if you want but I’m not responsible if you or anyone else keels over from eating them.  All nutritional and caloric information is based on estimates.  I am neither affiliated with nor endorsed by any of the brands mentioned on this site.

Fair Use

Information wants to be free.  I don’t care if you copy, repost, or modify this site’s content (with or without attribution), though I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to.